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The story of the values icons told by Michael, our creative designer.

Before I came to work at Wiley I was asked to help develop 5 icons that would depict the 5 core values that the company had agreed on.

First was ‘A sense of community’ – this was pretty simple – a group of people in a circle holding hands. This talks to the human condition.  People need people and are at their best when they are part of a tribe.  The aerial treatment allowed a symmetry and circularity which also compliments Wiley’s design and engineering focus.

‘Integrity in all we do’ – this is less straight forward, in fact the Simpsons made a gag about drawing integrity as a Pictionary clue. We concluded that integrity is at the heart of identity and self. The fingerprint was a great symbol of what we ‘own’ as an individual. Not ‘own’ like a car or house, but own like a responsibility or a commitment.

Next came ‘Quality first’. The quest for quality and importance of delivering quality are self-evident at Wiley. But what would symbolise that? If the quality of a building is reflected in longevity, the pyramids were a stand-out icon for quality. Indeed, those who have been here for long enough remember the pyramid as our company logo.

‘Future focus’ was a concept that conjured many options of horizons and time-pieces etc. But when it boiled down, it is the way we see the challenges of today that would shape the future. This was more about discovery and vision than the passing of time, so, the eye it would be.

‘Empower our people’. Nothing too complex here… Lovingly called the ‘Toyota man’ (after the ‘oh, what a feeling jump) this happy little guy just shouts the kind of power and freedom that only comes from feeling empowered and rewarded.