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As leaders, we challenge in a great way.  A great challenge is reasonably risky, and will stretch the individual and the team beyond what is comfortable, and the ability to focus and work together intensifies.  Our brains actually coordinate behaviours more efficiently when we are challenged in a healthy way. As humans, we are hardwired with a need to achieve. Our quality first value speaks to this as we take pride in what we do and we do what makes us proud. A good day is one that makes progress toward a goal. A great challenge is frequently checked on and goals adjusted that are too easy or out of reach. A great challenge is possible and has a destination. It is not vague or impossible. It considers the integration of work and life, recreation and reflection. It is empowering through crystal clear reasonable expectations. A great challenge is inspired and motivating.  A great challenge always ends with debrief and recognition happens for the individuals and teams along the way.

THE WAY WE LEAD:   be open | connect | grow | freedom | recognise | challenge | choice | share