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As leaders, we connect.  We connect to ourselves and get clear on what we value, where we are at, how we are feeling.  Do I believe everything is going to work out?  Am I setting a good example?  Why am I doing this?  We connect to our environment and consciously read the space and the people in it.  This is the key to harnessing the power of our intuition. We connect with people regularly.  When we build relationships at work, respect improves, trust improves and then performance improves.  It’s no longer about focusing purely on tasks––it’s about instilling hopefulness. When we as leaders express genuine interest for one of our people, the quality and quantity of the work increases.  We ask great questions and then we stop and listen, really listen. We are active at our social events because it strengthens our team connection.  We encourage ALL our people to intentionally connect with people inside and outside Wiley. This is in line with us valuing a sense of community and relationships that include, nurture, support and protect our people as families do. We have each other’s backs!

THE WAY WE LEAD:   be open | connect | grow | freedom | recognise | challenge | choice | share