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As leaders, we allow our people the freedom to do it their way.  We train our people, support them, make sure risk is covered, and then set them free. Maintaining oversight, we allow independence for each person to lead and achieve their own way. This level of trust is a major motivator––often more than money.  It heightens innovation and experimentation.  The best innovators can be the less experienced because they aren’t constrained by the usual. We see the opportunity in this.  We debrief everything in a cooperative sense, not confrontational so that we can all build on what worked and more importantly what didn’t.  To honour our future focus, our ability to creatively problem solve and find the best solutions comes from autonomy. We each take personal accountability for our actions and our individual roles and project responsibilities. As leaders, we never ask anyone to do what we wouldn’t. It’s about shared goals and gains––not personal outcomes.

THE WAY WE LEAD:   be open | connect | grow | freedom | recognise | challenge | choice | share