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As leaders, we grow.  We actively encourage and enable our people to develop and grow to their greatest potential. Grow or go! To achieve this, we must grow––as individuals becoming more self-aware and better at our craft, as leaders and tribes, and as a business. Leading by example, we bring the real version of ourselves to work and we hold our people to this ideal. We help each other understand self before anything else as this is the keystone. We support continuous learning that leads to elegant solutions.  With clear challenges, freedom and consistent feedback, performance reviews no longer look backwards, but instead are frequent and focus on the future. We each value passion, dedication, growth and learning––not genius. We stimulate innovation and creativity for higher performance, firstly for ourselves and then our people.  As leaders we mentor and are mentored consciously and actively gaining and sharing experience and wisdom.  A great probing question: “Am I helping you to get your next opportunity?”

THE WAY WE LEAD:   be open | connect | grow | freedom | recognise | challenge | choice | share