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Hey, I’m Karen.  I help to develop our tribe and it’s culture, and I curate this space.

I first started work with the Wiley tribe way back in 1989.  It’s much more than work.  Like many of us, I grew up here!  I left to do some other stuff and came back – now one of the “boomerangs” as we call them.  It has been a privilege to spend my days here, and an honour to curate and help tell the story of what I consider to be a very sacred space – our anthropology.

The workplace now more than ever needs to have meaning.  Is it right and good?  Doing business we have a deeper responsibility to humans, the planet and our future.  Our people want to know why.  Our clients want to know why to work with us.  Everyone wants to be part of something, see what has been achieved, and what they did for the greater good.  I read somewhere that people want to be around businesses that love themselves, and I agree.

This space documents who we are. It’s kind of our ecosystem.  It is a big step towards radical transparency and tells a very special story of our tribe and how we roll – or how we intent to!

It is live. It is random on purpose. It would be impossible to post everything. If you have a piece of this story, or if we have missed the mark anywhere, let me know and I’ll work on it immediately.

Enjoy  😉 

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The colour orange combines the full on energy of red, and the happiness of yellow.  It’s the sun, joy and tropical.  It is autumn and harvest all at once.

It’s the colour of the coast guard.  Space suits. The Star Trek uniform jackets from the Wrath of Khan.  It’s safe because it stands out.  It’s bright. It’s fun.

Oranges grow on trees – we like trees!  They are the perfectly designed ancient citrus fruit coming with a protective cover that houses pure essential oil.  They don’t spoil easily.  They break into segments – typically 10 so they are decimal.  They are a work of art sliced against the grain.  They are jesty, juicy, delicious and very good for you.  It’s a great flavour, and an appetising colour.

We love the colour orange.  We love the design of an orange.  We love the feeling orange gives us.  Its enthusiastic and so are we. Most importantly, its the colour of the Thunderbird 3 ship!

Orange is the colour of our brand, so the translation of that to our anthropology is the organic version – oranges.