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Our people unite time, geography, faith and talent. It comes from shared values, beliefs and honouring our waysWe are a tribe, not a family. We work and play in many different places, we adapt our thought and behaviour to suit and respect these wonderfully different people and places.

Being a part of Wiley is about showing up, always progressing and making your mark.  Being innovative, inspirational and on the journey to a better future.

I’m inspired about helping people to be the best they can be.  I am all about championing our culture, and building inspriational teams, to reach our goals together. At Wiley, we court our future collegues because joining our tribe is a two way street. We grow out people through challenging and stretching their thinking, everyday. And we part-ways with people who aren’t aligned with the journey we are creating. Our culture is defined by our people, and it’s strength is thread between each of us, to each of us.

What the Wiley culture means to Linda

Our culture is at the heart of Wiley.  Our culture is not just the responsibility of one person or team, it’s what each individual does for each other – it’s a group effort, an ambitious positive attitude and it’s all of our people contributing.  Our culture is like a beating heart – all of us being vital arteries to its rhythm. Our culture and our people bring us to work with a purpose and a smile each day.

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