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Hey I’m Ally.

If you need to me, you’ll probably find me outside somewhere wakeboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding, or more recently surfboarding.  The want to be elsewhere comes from needing to challenge my body both mentally and physically, to break out of the shell that the little voice inside my head tells me is safe. And it’s all worth it because after learning how to jump the wake or catch that wave, I feel unstoppable, like, yes, I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. Plus, nothing can replace that rush of endorphins you get.

My signature is my curly hair, my whole life that has been what sets me apart. And coming from a family with straight hair, I hold my curls with pride. I’ve even had Street Artist Anthony Lister sketch my portrait because he was drawn to my curls. Pun intended.

The biggest values in my life are:

  • Challenge myself- I need to continuously keep pushing my limits, to keep proving to myself that I can achieve those things, and I think any other introvert can understand this. Although heights are still something I haven’t quite conquered yet.
  • Community – Being in a community and knowing that there are people all around me supporting me is an important value to me. Knowing that the people around me only want me to succeed in life, I am able to take on those challenges, aware that if I fail, I’ve got a whole team behind me to help pick me up and put me back on the wave.
  • Empowerment- This is something that I work towards every day, I want to be someone who young girls and the people around me can look up to, pursuing a career in a male-dominated workspace, I know a support network of like-minded women is essential to achieving my goals. At Wiley, I’m very grateful to be surrounded by many smart and successful women who empower me.

Title:  Project Management Cadet